Project Description

Adi Granov

Appearing: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

For the most part, Adi works as an illustrator for Marvel. His most notable works include the Iron Man: Extremis series, written by Warren Ellis, and his role as a conceptual designer and illustrator on the Iron Man films. He worked on both Iron Man and Iron Monger, as well as creating keyframes for action sequences.

Adi has also created covers for the following titles: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Nova, She-Hulk, X-men, New Avengers and many more. Some of Adi’s interior page work includes an Amazing Spider-Man short story with Mark Waid, Astonishing X-men: Ghost Boxes, which was again written by Warren Ellis, and Dark Reign: the Cabal, written by Jonathan Hickman.

Adi’s work was also featured heavily in the long sold out Art of Iron Man book, which includes art and design produced for the first Iron Man movie. An Art of Iron Man 2 book featuring his work was also released in 2010.

Adi has recently completed work on the Avengers movie and is now working on Astonishing Captain America with writer Andy Diggle.