Rose City Comic Con is thrilled to announce a new feature for 2019: LeakyCon at Rose City Comic Con! LeakyCon is the world’s largest unofficial convention for fans of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them.


LeakyCon 2018. Credit: Cheri Root Photography


Whether lion, badger, eagle, or snake, meet your fellow housemates and maybe even make a new friend or ten!

LeakyCon 2018. Credit: Cheri Root Photography


Join us for panels, interviews, discussions, and celebrations of “The Boy Who Lived” and his extraordinary impact on the Wizarding and Muggle worlds. (Scroll down for schedule!)

LeakyCon 2018. Credit: Cheri Root Photography


Will your house come out on top this year? Help your house take the cup with the charity House Cup Challenge, benefiting the Harry Potter Alliance.

 LeakyCon 2018. Credit: Cheri Root Photography

LeakyCon 2018. Credit: Cheri Root Photography


Explore the Wizarding Alley in Rose City Jr. to find that perfect souvenir to remember your trip into the Wizarding World, plus keep an eye out for some extra special surprises from LeakyCon!



2:00 PM – Would You Rather?: Harry Potter Edition – Would you rather visit Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley? The Burrow or the Hufflepuff Common Room? Share what you think as our panelists discuss why we wish we were in the wizarding world. (Rose City Jr. Stage)

3:00 PM – Underappreciated Harry Potter Characters Hour – Do you have a favorite character who people hardly ever discuss? Share why you like them (and why we should too!) in this session. (Room 4)

5:00 PM – House Ravenclaw Meetup – Do you need more problem-solving friends with unique passions? Visit the Ravenclaw Meetup and find your kind. (Pre-Function E)


11:00 AM – Parental Figures in Harry Potter – Though he lost his parents early on, The Boy Who Lived didn’t go through his life without support. We’ll be examining the people who offered Harry guidance — whether it was wise or foolish — and how well they took on that role. (Room 4)

12:00 PM – House Hufflepuff Meetup – The Hufflepuff Meetup is almost guaranteed to feature the kindest group of people you’ll meet all weekend. (Pre-Function E)

3:00 PM – The Potter Things We Still Don’t Know – Who cooks the meals in Azkaban? How did Dumbledore learn Mermish? How is the Minister of Magic appointed? If you also have unanswered questions about the Harry Potter world, join us for a lively discussion about what we wish we knew. (Rose City Jr. Stage)

4:00 PM – Women of the Harry Potter Series – From Hermione and Ginny to Molly and Lily to Minerva and Tonks, the Potter books tell the stories of many heroic women. We’ll celebrate our favorites and what they mean to us while also considering how the “frivolous” and the morally corrupt women characters are portrayed. (Room 4)

5:00 PM – House Slytherin Meetup – Tired of your house having a bad reputation? Visit this meetup to find lots of excellent Slytherins. (Pre-Function E)


11:00 AM – 15 Potter Topics in 50 Minutes – Do wizards have therapists? How could Hogwarts just cancel exams at the end of the year? Our panelists have a long list of Harry Potter questions and theories. We’ll put four minutes on the clock and ask them to launch into their best rant as they try to cover 15 topics in 50 minutes. (Room 4)

12:30 PM – Harry, A History – Melissa Anelli literally wrote the book on the Harry Potter fandom. Ten years after the release of Harry, A History, Melissa will be here to discuss the early days of the Potter fandom, what’s changed in the last decade, and how the fandom is moving forward as members of the so-called “Harry Potter generation” take over the workforce and begin to have kids of their own. (Room 3)

2:00 PM – Cartoon Character Hogwarts Sorting – If your favorite characters went to Hogwarts, which houses would they be in? Come share what you think! (Rose City Jr. Stage)

4:00 PM – House Gryffindor Meetup – Searching for some fun and adventurous friends? You’ll find them at the Gryffindor Meetup! (Pre-Function E)

Wizarding Alley