Where Science Meets Science Fiction - Rose City Comic Con

Where Science Meets Science Fiction


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Smithsonian magazine and Rose City Comic Con are excited to debut the Future Con programming track September 8 – 10, 2017 at the Oregon Convention Center! Future Con panels will highlight the intersection of science and science fiction inside Portland’s largest comic event! Future Con programming is part of Rose City Comic Con programming, so a badge to Rose City Comic Con gets you access to Future Con panels.

Thought-provoking Future Con talks include:

  • The Real Science of Zombies: What TV & Films Get Right (And What They Get Wrong)
  • Harry Potter and the Genetics of Wizarding
  • The Tech of Batman
  • Emerging A.I.
  • DARPA – Pushing the Limits of Technologies and Society
  • Artificial Gravity and Faster Than Light Travel

Rose City Comic Con takes place September 8 – September 10. No separate ticket is needed to attend Future Con panels!

The future is here! The future is now! The future is Future Con!