2023 Programming Highlights

The Peculiariums Liars’ Clubbing Game Show

Saturday, 11:30 AM | Weird Stage – Oregon Ballroom

Lucky unsuspecting conventioneers will be selected to join in a wacky gameshow that goes back thousands of years and is now re-presented in this exclusive engagement. In this hosted game show, Portland’s own Peculiarium presents and array of weird and strange objects, sounds and tales for contestants to guess on. Some are real, some are lies, all are peculiar. And to add to the confusion, contestants own peculiar abilities will be a factor into the final outcome of the winners. The contestants will compete for fun and silly prizes in a goofy gameshow suitable for everyone.

Nerd Slam

Saturday, 5:30 PM | Weird Stage – Oregon Ballroom

A Poetry Slam/Showcase of poems dedicated to pop culture and reveling in nerditry! Have an ode to Spider-Man? A screed in defense of the Muppets? A warped bit of Star Trek erotica? All are welcome here and celebrated! In addition to the round robin slam competition there will be prizes for the poetry offered for things like nerdiest poem, best line, and even a costume award for anyone who cosplays while they soliloquy!

The Mimi and Greg Show Live!

Saturday | Room E141-144

The Mimi and Greg Show” started in 2019 after Mimi invited Greg Rucka on her podcast, The Sifu Mimi Chan Show. The conversation went so well that Greg became a weekly guest throughout the pandemic, and those episodes evolved into ’The Mimi and Greg Show’. This podcast is a must listen for fans of comics, pop culture and social commentary. “The Mimi and Greg Show” is excited to make their debut appearance in front of a live audience at Rose City Comic Con! Come and join the conversation — with surprise guests and, in all likelihood, a traditional“Rucka-rant”!

Yokai of Demon Days ft. Zack Davisson

Saturday | Room E141-144

Peach Momoko and Zack Davisson’s Demon Days has brought Japanese folklore to the Marvel universe. Classic MCU superheroes merged with yokai–monsters of myth. Join writer and folklorist Zack Davisson as he leads you though the yokai analogies and background behind the breakout hit series.

Talent Show Battle! Hosted by @chewycosplays

Sunday, 3:30 PM | Weird Stage – Oregon Ballroom

Are you dying to sing your heart out? Do you have a special talent no one knows about? Are you a dancer and want to show off your sick moves? Or just sit back and watch live performances! Whatever it is, join the Talent Show Battle to show off what you do best and join us for an exciting show filled with tons of talent!

Spotlight on Blacksad

Friday | E141-144

Step into the captivating world of “Blacksad” and join Diana Schutz, esteemed translator for the series, and Juanjo Guarnido, the illustrator behind the mesmerizing visuals. This discussion promises to be an unforgettable exploration of their collaborative journey as we explore the acclaimed comic series “Blacksad,” a gripping noir tale set in a gritty anthropomorphic 1950s America. Don’t miss your chance to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the Eisner-winning series.

Wonder Woman Historia: Creator Spotlight

Sunday | Main Stage

Step into the rich mythos and empowering world of Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons as we shine a spotlight on the brilliant minds behind this groundbreaking series. Join writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, illustrators Phil Jimenez, Nicola Scott, and Gene Ha, letterer Clayton Cowles, and DC editor Andrea Shea as we dive into the masterfully woven tapestry of Amazonian lore, while exploring mythology, feminist themes, and incredible storytelling. This panel will be moderated by Mimi Chan, and all fans who attend will receive a free Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons print featuring artwork by Phil Jimenez. The panel will be followed by a free limited signing with details to come.