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Please fill out an Exhibit Space application here and someone will contact you from our Sales team.

Picture ID is required in order for you to pick up your badge and/or check in for your space

  • Vendors/Guests: The person whose name appears on the original application must pick up all badges and check in for the event. 

Questions may be emailed to: info@rosecitycomiccon.com.

If you purchased a 10×10 booth , up to 4 additional exhibitor badges may be purchased if needed. If you purchased an artist alley or makers market table, 1 additional exhibitor badge may be purchased. Badges may be purchased onsite during check or you may email info@rosecitycomiccon.com to pre-purchase. Please be sure to include the number of badges you would like to purchase.  Exhibitor badges are $125.00 each.

As per our terms and conditions, the transferring, reselling, or sub-licensing of tables or booths is not allowed. In the case of multiple parties sharing one exhibit space, the person whose name appears of this contract assumes full responsibility for that space.

No, electricity must be purchased through the Oregon Convention Center. You will need your location prior to ordering. Please contact the Oregon Convention Center for more information.  servicedesk@oregoncc.org

In the event you want to cancel or withdraw from the exhibition, you may do so by giving written notice to RCCC, by certified mail, return receipt requested. The date of cancellation withdrawal or downsize in space as applicable shall be the post mark date on the notice. Cancellation 90 days or more before the date of the exhibition entitles you to a refund amounting to 50% of your total payment. If you cancel within 90 days or less of the exhibition date, you are not eligible for a refund. Please refer to the cancellation policy in the Terms and Conditions section of the RCCC Exhibitor application for further information. To request a copy of the RCCC Exhibitor Terms and Conditions, please email info@rosecitycomiccon.com.

For all vendors:

  • No real weapons of any kind may be sold. This includes but is not limited to steel replica swords, knives, throwing stars, or blades of any kind. Items such as pepper spray, tasers, or any projectile weapons such as crossbows, arrows, or blow guns are not allowed.
  • All materials on display must be kept to a PG-13 rating.
  • Bootlegs: all materials in your booth should be licensed. Bootleg material is never allowed and could result in a permanent ban from future events.
  • Food and Beverage Sales are not approved for RCCC

Artist Alley and Makers Market tables:

  • Tables may not be set up like a booth. If more space is needed you may consider purchasing a 10×10 exhibitor booth. Please email info@rosecitycomiccon.com for more information.
  • Backdrops, print walls, banners, and displays are not to exceed 10’ from the floor.
  • Displays on top of tables are not to exceed 4’ from the tabletop. Such displays must be stable and secured to the table by means not damaging the table.
  • No display is allowed in front of tables or to extend into any aisle.
  • No display may infringe upon its neighboring space, including but not limited to outward side-facing displays, support brackets, extension poles, etc.
  • Displays are subject to staff discretion. If any display is deemed unsafe, the artist must adjust the display to meet staff recommendations.
  • Additional tables may not be added to Artist Alley/Makers Market spaces.
  • Artist Alley/Makers Market tables may not be moved, pushed out, pushed back, or otherwise rearranged. If you require more space, we suggest you upgrade to an exhibitor booth space.
  • Areas directly behind tables may not have any displays blocking the tables next to them and walkways between and behind tables must be accessible at all times.
  • Luggage must be placed beneath the table and cannot be placed in front, behind, or beside the table.
  • If an Artist Alley/Makers Market vendor takes a chair from another artist without permission, the Artist Alley/Makers Market vendor risks being charged for the chair or being removed from Artist Alley/Makers Market.
  • Adult themed materials are allowed but must be tastefully displayed and cannot be accessed by or sold to anyone under 18.
  • No Rolling racks, shelving or other display items will be allowed behind or next to artist alley/makers market tables.
  • All work displayed must be that of the creator(s) purchasing the space, plagiarized works or the unauthorized use of copyrighted works may result in the forfeit of your table space without refund and potential banning from future events.

Exhibitor booths:

  • Displays may not exceed 15 feet in height unless event management has given you approval prior to set up
  • All merchandise, display items, and chairs are required to stay inside of the space purchased. No items may extend into the aisles

Your materials must consist primarily of your handmade items. The Maker’s Market table is exclusively for use by creators who have their handmade items for sale. All items should be handmade. If the majority of your merchandise is mass produced or manufactured you may not qualify for a Maker’s Market table.

The creator must be present at the event. 

All materials on display must be kept to a PG-13 rating.

Maker’s Market are curated spaces. Please be sure to provide as much detail as possible on your application. If after reviewing your application, should further information be needed, we’ll reach back out to you.

Artist Alley tables are exclusively for use by creators who have artwork or other items directly related to their work for sale at their table, such as prints, sketchbooks, original art, commissions etc. Merchandise must be primarily paper goods. A small number of other items such as T-shirts, pins, and totes are permissible so long as they do not represent the majority of items for sale at the table.

Artist alley is curated, having current examples of your artwork available on your website will help us evaluate your application during the curation process.

Artists must be present during the show.

Maker’s Market table:

  • One (1) 6×2 table
  • Two (2) exhibitor badges
  • Two (2) chairs

10×10 Exhibitor Booth:

  • Pipe and Drape
  • One (1) 8×2 table
  • Four (4) exhibitor badges
  • Two (2) chairs

If you purchased a corner booth, everything above plus:

  • One (1) additional table
  • Two (2) additional chairs

Your exhibitor packet with loading dock, check in and other show information will be emailed to the email address that was provided on your application about one month prior to the show.

The loading dock and check in times are staggered starting the day before the show. Artist alley/Makers Market may not have access to set up until Friday morning. Please be sure to check the email for your day and time.

If you do not receive the exhibitor packet email or have any questions regarding the information received, please feel free to email info@rosecitycomiccon.com.

Your location will be available to be viewed on our website about a month prior to the show.  You will be sent an email when this information has been updated.

There is a limited number of parking spaces available for exhibitors in the lot directly behind the convention center. It is sold on a first come, first serve basis during check in only. We are unable to pre-sell parking. 

Additional parking is available in the parking garage at the Oregon Convention Center as well as the surrounding area. Please visit the Oregon Convention Center website for more information.