The application for Rose City Comic Con 2024 Artist Alley & Author’s Lane are now CLOSED. Approvals will be issued on a rolling basis or until space is sold out—whichever comes first.

The application for Rose City Comic Con 2024 Makers Market are now CLOSED. Approvals will be issued on a rolling basis or until space is sold out—whichever comes first.


Before you apply, please read and understand the following:

  • Rose City Comic Con’s Artist Alley is NOT first come, first served – rather, it is a curated experience with our Artist Alley participants selected by June 13, 2024.
  • This is a table request form. It is not a contract, and it does not guarantee space. All Artist Alley space is limited, and acceptance in Artist Alley in previous years does not guarantee acceptance this year.
  • This application will close at 11:59 PM Eastern Time on May 12, 2024, and you will hear back on the status of your application by June 13, 2024.
  • If accepted, you will receive more information and payment details. You MUST make payment no later than 14 calendar days from the date that we notify you to reserve your space. Late payments will not be accepted. If payment is not received by this date, your table will be allotted to an artist on the waitlist.
  • Individuals as well as collectives or studios with multiple artists may apply, but collectives/studios must identify each of their members within the application. Tables cannot be shared with any artists not listed within the application. If you plan to share your table or exhibit with a collective/studio only ONE member should apply for an Artist Alley table. Multiple members should not apply. Multiple applications from the same collective/studio will not increase your chances of acceptance.
  • All artists, helpers, and collective/studio members must be 18-years-old or older by the first day of the show.
  • Accepted artists will receive one Artist Alley table or one Artist Alley Combo Table. No artist will receive more than one table space, and no displays that extend across more than one table space are allowed. This applies to both individual artists and collectives/studios.
  • Stamp rallies are prohibited in Artist Alley.
  • Accepted applicants are expected to be at their table during all open hours of the event.
  • Tables cannot be shared with any artists not listed within the application.
  • Tables do not include electricity, and electricity cannot be ordered in Artist Alley.
  • Wifi is not included, but both free and paid wifi options are available directly from the building.
  • Artist Alley tables come with two Artist Alley badges.
  • Accepted artists may purchase one additional Artist Alley badge per table ($125) should they need it for an additional member of a studio and/or helper.
  • Artist Alley badges allow entrance during set-up hours before and after public hours each day. Artist Alley badges may not be resold to general attendees.
  • Artist Alley tables must be staffed during all public hours by a minimum of one person. The maximum number of people allowed behind an Artist Alley table is three.
  • Should you not be part of the first round of Artist Alley acceptances, you will automatically be waitlisted to be considered in the event any tables become available. Details will be included in the status email you receive by June 13, 2024.
  • Contracted Artist Alley tables cannot be transferred. In the event of an artist’s cancellation, payments are not refundable. (Should RCCC itself be canceled, contracted artists would have the ability to cancel their table for a refund or roll their table to the next RCCC.)
  • Our Artist Alley is for indie creators, webcomic artists, crafters, makers, professional writers and illustrators, and small press and fashion brands – and everything sold must be the work of the creator(s) at the table. If you’re selling mass-produced items or are otherwise a retailer or large publisher, you won’t be approved for Artist Alley and should purchase a booth to exhibit. If you have questions about this, please email [email protected].
  • We want to celebrate fans of all genres and their artistry, and we encourage original prints, crafts, comics, etc., but mass-produced fan works or fan works that use or are based on licensed, copyrighted material (including character art, background art, logos, etc.) fall under our bootleg policy and are prohibited. Do not create buttons, pins, bags, keychains, T-Shirts, etc. with official art or any art that isn’t yours. Don’t trace, copy, or place Photoshop filters over someone else’s work and call it your own. If you display fanart or fan crafts that don’t follow this guide, you may be asked to remove them from display by the Rose City Comic Con team and risk being removed from Artist Alley without refund.
  • A Certificate of Liability Insurance is required to participate for all exhibitors in our exhibit hall and artists in Artist Alley. All exhibitors and artists will be required to submit their Certificates of Liability Insurance in advance of the event. Neither Rose City Comic Con, Leftfield Media, nor the Oregon Convention Center, nor any of their officers, agents, employees, or contractors assume any responsibility for the theft, loss, or damage to an exhibitor or artist’s property. It is recommended exhibitors and artists consult their preferred insurance broker to obtain a policy to cover their display materials and merchandise during transit and onsite as well as general liability while onsite. Further insurance information, including affordable options and submission information, will be included in acceptance emails.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated artwork is not permitted at any Leftfield Media show.


PROXY SELLING IS NOT ALLOWED. Artists must appear all three days at Rose City Comic Con and resellers or art brokers cannot operate tables. Artists must show their ID at registration before set up can begin, and this ID must match the name and information in your application. Any exceptions must be requested in writing as part of your Artist Alley application. Anyone misrepresenting themselves or otherwise engaging in proxy selling risks being removed from Rose City Comic Con’s 2024 Artist Alley and banned from future Artist Alleys.


We encourage original prints, crafts, comics, etc, but please read this policy to assure your table follows our guidelines. Should a staff member or publisher representative ask you to remove any item from display and sale, you must do so immediately. Failure to follow this policy puts you at risk of being removed from the event without refund, restricted from future editions of Rose City Comic Con, and in some cases, criminal fines and prosecution.

  • You are allowed to exhibit in Artist Alley/Makers Market with both art featuring characters of your own creation, as well as fan art and fan crafts based on comics, anime, manga, and pop culture series. We define “fan art and fan crafts” as original work you have created based on licensed, copyrighted material and characters.
  • The sale of any item which reproduces official artwork is not allowed. You cannot use official poster art, key art, screenshots, logos, or other materials you did not draw yourself. This includes making buttons, pins, bags, keychains, etc. with official art.
  • The sale of any item which reproduces the artwork of other fans is not allowed. For example, you cannot copy another artist’s work from DeviantArt or similar sites and call it your own, and you cannot use this artwork as the basis for other fanart or fan crafts. Do not trace, copy, or place Photoshop filters over any art you didn’t create. The alteration or modification of existing work is not considered an original work.
  • The original creator of the fan art must be present at your Artist Alley/Maker table. Booth sharing is allowed, providing each artist is at Rose City Comic Con.
  • 3rd party dealers cannot sell the work of fan artists.
  • Mass-produced fan art and fan crafts are not allowed. While artists are allowed to sell buttons, pins, bookmarks, keychains, and apparel, all must be limited in nature. Mass-produced fan art and fan crafts may be considered bootleg merchandise and subject to removal.


Displays in Artist Alley and Makers Market must adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Tables may not be set up like a booth. If more space is needed you may consider purchasing a 10×10 exhibitor booth. Please email [email protected] for more information.
  • Backdrops, print walls, banners, and displays are not to exceed 10’ from the floor.
  • Displays on top of tables are not to exceed 4’ from the tabletop. Such displays must be stable and secured to the table by means of not damaging the table.
  • No display is allowed in front of tables or to extend into any aisle.
  • No display may infringe upon its neighboring space, including but not limited to outward side-facing displays, support brackets, extension poles, etc.
  • Displays are subject to staff discretion. If any display is deemed unsafe, the artist must adjust the display to meet staff recommendations.
  • Additional tables may not be added to Artist Alley/Makers Market spaces.
  • Artist Alley/Makers Market tables may not be moved, pushed out, pushed back, raised, or otherwise rearranged. If you require more space, we suggest you upgrade to an exhibitor booth space.
  • Areas directly behind tables may not have any displays blocking the tables next to them and walkways between and behind tables must be accessible at all times.
  • Luggage must be placed beneath the table and cannot be placed in front, behind, or beside the table.
  • If an Artist Alley/Makers Market vendor takes a chair from another artist without permission, the Artist Alley/Makers Market vendor risks being charged for the chair or being removed from Artist Alley/Makers Market.
  • All work displayed must be that of the creator(s) purchasing the space, plagiarized works or the unauthorized use of copyrighted works may result in the forfeit of your table space without refund and potential banning from future events.
  • Adult themed materials are allowed but must be tastefully displayed and cannot be accessed by or sold to anyone under 18.
  • No rolling racks, shelving, or other display items will be allowed behind or next to artist alley/makers market tables.

You are responsible for ensuring that any fans waiting in line at your table do not infringe on your neighbors or block an aisle. Should that happen, you risk being shut down by Show Management.


Makers Market tables are located in a dedicated area of the show floor inside of Artist Alley. Maker tables are reserved for artists to display or sell their handcrafted merchandise. The majority of merchandise must be handmade or handcrafted and the artist must be present during all the days of the event. If the majority of your merchandise is mass produced or manufactured you may not qualify for Makers Market. This includes but is not limited to, pins, t-shirts, totes, glasses or mugs that may include your original artwork but is not handmade or hand screen-printed by the artist.

Space is curated; you must include a website with a portfolio that accurately represents your merchandise to be considered for space in Makers Market.


Artist Alley tables are reserved for comic artists, illustrators, web comic creators, writers and other 2D style artists. Merchandise must be primarily 2D and the artist must be present during all the days of the event.  A small amount of non-paper products may be displayed such as t-shirts, totes, and pins. However, it may not represent the majority of your merchandise.

Space is curated; you must include a website with a portfolio that accurately represents your merchandise to be considered for an Artist Alley table.


Artist Alley or Makers Market Table ($375)

  • One (1) 6’ draped table
  • Company Sign
  • One (1) wastebasket
  • Two (2) chairs
  • Two (2) badges

Artist Alley or Makers Market Corner Table ($475)

  • One (1) 6’ draped table and one (1) 4’ draped table configured in a L-shape
  • Guaranteed position at the end of an aisle
  • Company Sign
  • One (1) wastebasket
  • Two (2) chairs
  • Two (2) badges

Artist Alley or Makers Market Combo Table ($850)

  • One (1) 6’ draped table and one (1) 4’ draped table configured in a L-shape adjacent to One (1) 6’ draped table (e.g. an Inline table adjacent to a Corner table)
  • Guaranteed position at the end of an aisle
  • Company Sign
  • One (1) wastebasket
  • Two (2) chairs
  • Two (2) badges

One additional badge may be purchased if needed.

Electricity is not included or available in Artist Alley/Maker’s Market.