Pick Up Your Badges Locally

Rose City Comic Con is designating Official Badge Pickup Locations near Portland, Oregon for your convenience! Pre-purchased, un-mailed badges can be picked up starting Monday, July 15th. Please be prepared to have the QR code in your GrowTix email scanned by an employee.

Note that these are pickup locations only. Badges must be pre-purchased on your personal computer or phone before they can be picked up. Complimentary badges and/or badges that are being shipped are not eligible for pickup. Club Rose, Press, Influencer, Pro, Programming, Crew, and Exhibitor badges are not eligible for pickup. See below for complete details.

Treat your badges like cash. If they are lost or stolen, you may be charged a fee to have them replaced.

Official Badge Pickup Locations


Why Do Local Pick Up?

  • Skip Registration – Start your Rose City Comic Con adventure right away when you arrive at the convention center! Since you’ll already have your badge in hand, there will be no need to visit the Registration area!

  • Support Local Businesses – Each Official Pickup Location will earn a commission when you claim your badge at their business, so picking up from them is the same as making a small purchase! Oh, and be sure to browse a bit before you go!

    • Take Advantage of the Passport Program – From Friday, August 9th to Sunday, September 8th you can present your Rose City Comic Con badge at local businesses in the Portland, Oregon area to unlock exclusive offers!

  • Avoid Mail Snafus – Are you planning on moving soon? Does your mail often get lost or stolen? Picking up your badges locally is a secure option that puts you in control!

What Badges Are Eligible For Local Pickup?

  • 3 Day Badge

  • Fast Pass Badges

  • Premium Badges

  • Friday Badges

  • Saturday Badges

  • Sunday Badges

  • Kids Jr. Badges

  • Family 4 Packs

  • Mailed Badges – If you opted to have your badges mailed, please be patient. Your badges will be arriving soon! Not sure if you opted to have them shipped? Check to see if your order has a shipping charge to confirm.

  • Club Rose

  • Influencer Badges

  • Press Badges

  • Pro Badges

  • Programming Badges

  • Crew Badges

  • Exhibitor / Artist Alley Badges

  • Complimentary Badges

  • Afterparty Tickets

  • Preordered Merch