Know Before You Go! (Or… How to Con!)

Whether this is your first Rose City Comic Con or you’re a seasoned RCCC vet who knows the name of our mascot (it’s Dave), here are some hints and tips to help you prepare for and navigate your way around the show!

Food & Beverage Highlights!

Gotta stay fueled up!

  • NEW IN 2023 – Additional food carts will be open for business in the Ginkoberry Lobby and outside of the Oregon Ballroom near the RCCC Remix Stage. You can also enjoy 3 to 4 food trucks in the plaza located directly across the street from the Oregon Convention Center during all 3 days of the con.

  • The Oregon Convention Center will be selling a special cup at select food locations which can be refilled throughout the weekend. More information coming soon!

  • RCCC exhibitors Wild Bill’s Soda (Booths 256 & 1232) and Copper Coast Confections (Booths 403 & 777) will be serving up the sweetness in the Exhibit Hall all weekend long!

  • Take a break at the Voodoo Ranger Beer Garden located in the Oregon Ballroom where you can sip some delicious IPAs. You must be 21+ to consume alcohol, but all ages are welcome in the space.
  • Need some fresh air and food to recharge? The Yelp Portland Community team has carefully curated this collection of local restaurants near the convention center, all within a 20-minute walk of Rose City Comic Con so you can be back in time for that next panel! Special offers from nearby restaurants and shops can also be found on our Passport Program page!

Your Pre-Show Check List

Get ready before the show!

  • Badges! If you didn’t buy them in time for the badge mailing deadline, did you know you can pick them up before the show from one of our retail partners or at our early badge pick up event? Skip the lines at registration and pick them up early! (Please see Dave below for important information about retailer and early pickup.)

  • Skip the line to purchase photo ops and autographs on site and pre-order them now!

  • Download our app! We definitely don’t want it to happen, but there can be last minute changes and our app will have the most up to date information!

  • Sign up for our mailing list to have the latest announcements and updates sent straight to your inbox! More of a social media fan? Give us a follow! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Charge your phone and bring a (charged up!) portable charger! You don’t want your phone to die while you’re taking a photo of an awesome cosplay or a selfie with your favorite celebrity!

Press, Pro, Programming/Panelist, Guest, and any other non-attendee badges are not eligible for off site or early pickup. Retailer pickup is only for paid attendee badges purchased AFTER the badge mailing deadline. If you won a badge through a contest or fundraiser, your badge will need to be picked up on site or from our early pickup event; they cannot be picked up from a retailer.

Getting To The Show!

It’s con day! Set that alarm!

  • Had your badge mailed or picked it up early? Make sure you remember to bring it! You don’t want to miss that first panel because you had to go back home to get it.

  • Make sure to allot time for travel! Public transportation is always a good option so you don’t have to look for (and then pay for) parking. (Just remember that public transit may be running on a weekend schedule, so be sure to check for any changes in transit times!) Need to drive in? Book your parking ahead of time! Check out our travel page to help plan your trip.

  • Need to pick up your badge on-site? Make sure to have your QR code ready (printed or on your phone) and head to Registration to pick them up.


Rose City Comic Con isn’t just celebrities and merch (although we do love celebrities and merch…) There’s a ton to do!


Plan your route within the convention center!

  • Check out a panel (or ten)! Programming changes every day, so there’s always something new! Sit in on a panel with your favorite celebrity or pop in to one that sounds interesting — you might find a new fandom!

  • Looking to break into the comics industry or advance your existing geeky career? Check out our Creator Pro track which covers a wide variety of learning exercises and experiences important to a variety of professionals.

  • Love to cosplay or just love to check out cosplay? Make sure to visit Destination Cosplay — meet up with fellow fans, check out demos, geek out over craftsmanship, and attend the Cosplay Competition!

  • Got kids? Rose City Jr is the place to be for our littlest fans! It’s a whole weekend full of fun kid-friendly activities to delight and entertain!

  • Did you prefer the book to the movie? Then our Book Fair is for you! Meet your favorite authors, check out some panels to learn more about the creative process, and add to that reading list that you promise isn’t going to get longer! (But let’s be real… it’s gonna get longer.)

  • Whether you’re into table top gaming or console gaming, we’ve got something for you! Portland Retro Gaming Expo, Ground Kontrol, and Game Saru will be bringing a selection of tried and true arcade favorites, covering classic pinball machines to nostalgic games from every era to Japanese arcade favorites. Our table top gaming area will be managed in partnership with the incredible Portland-local gaming convention, GameStorm, with support from Alexandria RPG, PDX Gaymers, and Misty Mountain Gaming.

  • We know we said there’s more to Rose City Comic Con than celebrities and merch, but who doesn’t love celebrities and merch? Grab your photo ops and autographs and then explore our show floor! Be sure to explore Artist Alley to support and discover local talent and get one of a kind merch!

Post Show Recovery!

Rose City Comic Con is wrapped! Now what?

  • REST! Time to catch up on the sleep you missed this weekend exploring all Rose City Comic Con has to offer!

  • Did you remember to sign up for our mailing list? Keep an eye out for our post-show survey! Let us know what you loved and want to see more of, what we missed that you want to see at the show, and what we can improve to make Rose City Comic Con your ideal show.

Thanks to Katie Cook for this cozy image of Dave relaxing with his comics haul!

Bonus Tips!

Because one can never be too prepared for Rose City Comic Con…

  • Your first time at Rose City Comic Con and not sure what to do? Check out our fan guides!

  • Do you have accessibility needs? We strive to create an inclusive and friendly environment for all, including providing a variety of services to help you enjoy your show. However, for some services such as ASL interpreters we ask that you request them in advance. Information on how to do so, can be found on our Accessibility Page.

  • Stay hydrated! You can bring a water bottle (no glass!) to refill at one of the many water filling stations around the convention center.

  • We gotta be honest, there will be a lot of walking and there will be lines — wear comfy shoes!

  • You don’t want to wait in line only to find out we’ve sold out of that awesome Unnatural Twenty hoodie in your size. Pre-order your merch and you can pick it up any time during the show floor hours! (Just don’t forget to pick up your merch! We can’t ship or refund unclaimed items.)

  • While most vendors will take credit cards, it’s always a good idea to have some cash on hand. However, please be aware that the Oregon Convention Center has gone cashless and will not have any ATMs on site that distribute cash.

  • Check out our Discord to connect with other fans! Want more tips? They’ll have it!

  • Have a question that isn’t covered in this guide or our FAQ? Send us an email! Dave’s got his best customer service glasses on to help!