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Rose City Comic Con strives to create an inclusive and friendly environment for all of its attendees. See our full policy here.

All costumes need to adhere to all safety and decency regulations in keeping with Rose City’s cosplay standards. Our show is all-ages and costumes must reflect that. We have created the following guidelines to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible, in and out of costume:

  • No nudity. This includes wearing proper undergarments. If you’re not sure if your costume accomplishes that, please email the Costume/Cosplay staff. RCCC reserves the right to decide what is considered appropriate for the show’s audience.
  • Please make sure your costume is sturdily constructed. Rose City Comic Con cannot be responsible for damage incurred to your costume during the convention, and the staff reserves the right to ask you to change if your outfit is not acceptable.
  • No signs offering services or making requests to be hugged or touched are allowed. We know some of you like hugs, but please don’t carry around a sign saying so.
  • Wear protective footwear at all times.  This means some sort of hard sole–a unitard or stocking feet are not sufficient. We know a lot of characters like to run around barefoot, but since they are fictional, they don’t have to worry about tetanus. If you’re not within guidelines, you will be asked to shoe up.
  • Wings, large props or large costumes are fine, but if your costume is over 8 feet tall or over 3 feet wide you may not fit through the doors. If possible, make wings and other oversized parts detachable. We have no limit on the size of costumes or props, but ask that you be safe and aware while at the convention. You will be responsible for ALL damage incurred by your costume.
  • Your costume must allow movement with limited assistance.
  • Uniforms are great! Some of the coolest outfits are uniforms. But if you intend to wear a uniform that looks super-realistic, please distinguish that it is a costume. If your costume could lead to you being confused with local law enforcement, please don’t wear it.
  • Hateful symbols aren’t welcome at Rose City Comic Con. Historical costumes can be great, but reminders of unspeakable atrocities are not appropriate – this goes for Old School Hydra and Red Skull or any other Nazis from entertainment properties. Those figures, while comic-related, are still very much Nazis. As a result, they are 100% banned, always. This includes any sort of “ironic” or satirical costumes that re-appropriate Nazi paraphernalia or gear.
  • Prop weapons are allowed if they meet certain criteria. Please view our weapons policy to make sure any prop weapons that go with your costume are in compliance.
  • Visible convention passes and peace bonding will be required at all other times while inside the Convention Center.
  • No electrical power connections will be provided. If your costume requires power it must be part of your costume design.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask! Direct additional questions to info@rosecitycomiccon.com.

  • You must wear your badge around your neck at all times while at RCCC.
  • Be nice and have fun! All of your fellow RCCC con-goers are there to have a good time, so be friendly, make new friends, and have a good time at RCCC!
  • Offensive behavior should be kept out of RCCC and reserved for the privacy of your own home. RCCC staff and security have the right to ask you to leave the convention without refunding the cost of your badge if you are behaving in an inappropriate fashion.
  • Naked is not a costume. Please wear appropriate (or at least enough) clothing while attending RCCC. You can refer to our costume policy for details.
  • Please abide by our weapons policy. In the harsh reality of our times, our security staff and local law enforcement will treat anything that looks like a real gun as a real gun.
  • While we don’t want anyone to lose anything, RCCC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property or for injuries sustained during the course of RCCC.
  • Please do not abuse the convention facilities. This includes putting signs on walls, littering, and smoking in non-designated smoking areas, among other things.
  • Special events and guests are subject to change or cancellation without notice–sometimes last-minute. We will notify you of any changes via the RCCC website, the official mobile app, and our social media channels.
  • By purchasing a badge and being admitted to RCCC, the holder consents to being recorded (by audio, visual and/or other means) for exhibition and exploitation by any means in all media now known or hereafter devised worldwide in perpetuity.
  • All autograph and badge sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be given.

Rose City Comic Con is a safe place. This means we expect it to be a safe environment for fans of any ethnicity, creed, religious background, political background, gender, gender identity, sexual identity, sexual orientation, fandom, etc. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. This includes, but is not limited to: physical assault, verbal harassment, sexual harassment, stalking, unwanted physical contact, unwanted advances, or inappropriate photography.

Harassment is defined by the victim. If it is determined–either by observation or by complaint–that an individual or group has harassed another attendee, any or all of the following things may occur. That individual or group may be:

  • Warned to cease and desist;
  • Asked to leave the convention, or;
  • Banned from the convention for a period of time to be determined by staff.

For your own safety, if you feel that you are being harassed please report your problems to us before anyone else. If you cannot find a staff, crew, or volunteer member to assist you, please go to the information desks located near registration or near the entrance of the exhibition floor. Please report to us before taking matters into your own hands (such as personally confronting the aggressor or posting on social media). We have professional security and they are properly equipped for these contingencies.

Photography is allowed, but not in high-traffic areas. This includes near doors, escalators, and in busy hallways. Please move to a designated photography area to take photos.

Inappropriate photography is not permitted. Inappropriate photography is defined as photography where the subjects feels they are being stalked, exploited, degraded, or disrespected through being photographed. While it is reasonable that photographers will be photographing costumers/cosplayers  and other parts of the convention, should this photography become harassing or sexual in nature, the photographer will be subject to the harassment policy.

Do not bring real swords, guns, or any type of authentic weapon to the show–only props are allowed! Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as part of your costume as long as they are in compliance with the following rules:

  • No projectile weapons (including but not limited to airsoft or paintball weapons) will be allowed!
  • Weapons with a metal blade, regardless if it is dull or sharp, are prohibited!
  • Metal weapons, bats or shields (with or without sharp edges) are not permitted.  Prop weapons should be made of lightweight materials such as foam, cardboard, or plastic.
  • No heavy wood props including shields and bats.
  • All prop firearms must have an orange cap on the barrel.
  • Weapons which are capable of firing (Nerf guns, bows, etc) must be rendered inoperable.  Projectiles are forbidden.
  • Do not brandish weapons or props in a threatening manner.  Be aware of how security personnel may interpret your actions.
  • Keep weapons in convention areas.  If you leave the convention premises, please put away any weaponry–even if it clearly looks fake.
By presenting programming at Rose City Comic Con (RCCC), programming participants (also referred to as panelists) agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • Panelists understand that by accepting to present a panel at RCCC, they are agreeing to abide by all of RCCC’s policies including but not limited to our anti-harassment policy, security policy, and cosplay policy.
  • Only confirmed panelists will be allowed to present on approved sessions at RCCC.
  • Panelists agree to begin and end their program on time. Typically, there are 15 minutes in between each session, so beginning and ending on time allows for the room to clear and transition to the next event.
  • Panelists must make every effort to communicate with the programming staff if their program needs to be canceled for any reason.
  • Hate symbols (even as part of a cosplay) are not permitted at RCCC. Behavior deemed in violation of our panelist policy shall be determined by RCCC in its sole discretion. 
  • Hate speech or harassment directed toward a group of people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, age, disability, religion, etc. is not permitted before, during, or after your presentation. Behavior deemed in violation of our panelist policy shall be determined by RCCC in its sole discretion. 
  • In taking questions from the audience, panelists understand that they have no obligation to respond to any questions that make them feel uncomfortable and that they may ask the room monitor or other RCCC staff or crew to intervene if anyone is making the panelist or the audience uncomfortable or violating our anti-harassment policy.
  • Panelists agree that Rose City Comic Con reserves the right to adjust the time and/or location of my programming at any time. The staff will do their best to communicate any changes that occur in advance.
  • Panelists understand that most panel rooms will have microphones, a screen, a projector with either a VGA or HDMI connection, and an audio patch and that panelists will need to provide my own laptop or other way to present the information. Panelists must submit needs as far as room setup and AV to the Programming Coordinator at least 2 months before the show.
  • If you have any problems that cannot be resolved, seek help from the staff immediately.
  • Late programming applications will not be accepted under any circumstance.
  • If you would like different passes such as VIP Passes, you may purchase them separately. In keeping with Rose City Comic Con’s ticket policies, all sales on passes are final and cannot be refunded.
  • Rose City Comic Con DOES NOT pay speaking or appearance fees nor does it cover travel, lodging, or meals.

No, we tried this model at Rose City Comic Con 2019 and found that the majority of our fans did not prefer it, so we’re back to basics! However, to ensure our cosplay contestants can do the rehearsal and tech check before the big show, we will be clearing after the last panel before the Cosplay Competition.