If you’re a cosplayer, or if you love and appreciate cosplay, then Destination Cosplay is where you want to be, what you want to see, and how you want to enjoy your Rose City Comic Con!

There’s a far-reaching community of cosplay waiting to welcome you with open arms. Level up your craft, connect with cosplay enthusiasts, and take in all the artistic sights there are to see from the world of cosplay at Rose City Comic Con. Don’t miss it all at Destination Cosplay!

Cosplay Competition

Saturday Night at the Main Stage

Cosplay takes center stage!

Rose City Comic Con’s Cosplay Competition is THE can’t-miss event of the weekend! Watch incredible performers take the stage in their boldest and baddest cosplay. Our contestants will be competing for fabulous prizes and awards, and of course fame, honor, and glory!

This year our Best in Show trophy is a masterpiece handcrafted by the legendary Hoku Props. Plus don’t miss incredible Cosplay Judges with the difficult task of determining which cosplayers will take home the trophies.

Cosplay Competition Sponsors

Destination Cosplay Area Highlights

Cosplay Meetups

Presented by FanPowered Press!

Head to Booth #1230 and get a big group photoshoot with fellow fans during Cosplay Meetups presented by FanPowered Press! A variety of fandom-focused meetups will be scheduled and taking place in Destination Cosplay on the Show Floor. Make a new friend and geek out – where cosplay and friendship collide!

Looking for more cosplay related events? Don’t miss cosplay panels, where you can learn tricks of the cosplay trade and hear a rousing discussion during cosplay-related panels. Sprinkled throughout the weekend in Room D137-140, an array of cosplay topics will be covered. Your cosplay community takes the mic and sounds off during cosplay panels and discussion – don’t miss it!

Cosplay Workshops

Introducing Maker Academy @ RCCC 

Room B112

Join legendary cosplayers Downen Creative Studios, Hoku Props, The Honest Cosplayer and VivSai for their curated Maker Academy Workshop track during RCCC! If you’re looking for a master class in cosplay craftsmanship, then look no further. Space is very limited, and tickets are on sale now, so secure your spot and get ready to craft and create with the cosplay masters! These workshops require an additional ticket purchase.

Cosplay Exhibitions

Cosplay craftsmanship on display all weekend

Get up close and personal with more than a few gorgeous hand-crafted cosplays. Featuring stunning displays of craftsmanship curated by the PNW Guild of Cosplayers and the SheProp! communities, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a museum!

Representing a variety of skillsets as well as cosplayers from all over, we are excited for you to take in these 2 incredible exhibits. Whether you’re interested in seeing those hand stitched specialties up close, electrifying electrics, or impressive foam work, we will be showcasing a variety of cosplay master pieces for you to take in. What a view! Find them in the B Lobby and at the SheProp! Booth on the Show Floor.

Cosplay Repair & Lounge

Cosplay Services for all your needs

Room B110-111

Thanks to the PNW Guild of Cosplayers, you’ll be able to get any and all cosplay services you might need in one place! If you need to rest your weary heels and take your head off, head to our Cospitality Lounge! Take a break, grab a drink of water, and put up your feet.

The PNW Guild of Cosplayers is also back running our Cosplay Repair, to assist our cosplay community with tears, rips, popped seams and more. If you’re in need of a little cosplay TLC, then head to Cosplay Repair. Looking for a costume change? There are also changing stalls located in the space, so you can cosplay up or dress down.

Cosplay Photoshoots

Strike a pose and capture that cosplay!

Show Floor, Aisle 1100

The talented photo team at Mahou Photo is ready to take your picture! Building a cosplay portfolio is so much easier with great photos of your costume, so make sure to stop by the Mahou Photo booth in Aisle 1100. They will be in Destination Cosplay on the Show Floor doing free photoshoots for fans all weekend long.

They bring it all – backdrop, lights, editing stations, cameras and crew – you just need to bring your beautiful self, and of course your cosplay. Make your RCCC memorable with a photo from Mahou Photo!

Other Destination Cosplay Booths

Calling all professional cosplayers! If you are continually growing your cosplay skillset, passionate about the craft of cosplaying, and excited about designing, crafting, and creatively emulating beloved characters in fandom, then you’re in the right place. We want you to share your excellence with the RCCC community of cosplay enthusiasts!