GeekFest Film Fests at RCCC

Saturday, September 10, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Sunday, September 11, 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Room D135-136

GeekFest Film Fests is Back!! The World’s First and Largest Traveling Geek Genre Film Festival is back at Rose City Comic Con for its 9th edition. Two 90-minute screenings of amazing Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy and Fan Films. Watch and Vote for your favorites and one film will win GeekFest Best of Rose City Comic Con

Saturday September 10

FORSAKEN MANDALORIAN AND THE DRUNKEN JEDI MASTER (Directed by Anthony Ferraro, 10 mins, Fan Film) A Forsaken Mandalorian must hunt down a seedy Twi’lek Hutt Courier to recover a sensitive asset that has personal value to The Mandalorian. When the Mandalorian finds the Courier, the Twi’lek pleads with him for mercy and reveals that there is a Drunken Jedi Master in the area. As the recovered asset is only one piece of the Mandalorians mission, he ventures to confront the Drunken Jedi Master. Curiously, this unexpected development may be valuable in fulfilling his mission. Starring Jonathan Castile, Clint Carney, Anthony Ferraro. TRAILER

Balance of the Force (Directed by Steven LaMorte, 15 mins, Fan Film) When a Bounty Hunter and a Jedi Knight find themselves stranded on an uninhabited planet, they find themselves pitted against each other while trying to retrieve a mysterious Imperial cargo. Starring Amy Schumacher, Veronica Roy, Christine DiTillio, Chris Sanders, Leon Sheen, The Official 501st Legion. TRAILER

Scorekeeper: A Star Wars Fan Film (Directed by Roman Santa Croce, 17 mins, Fan Film)  An Elite Rebel Team infiltrates an Imperial outpost on a mission of securing an asset that has vital information. Unbeknownst to them, they are not the only ones on the hunt. Starring Matthew Sumner, Brian Lee, Courtney Chen, Bijan Moshgelani, Alexis Louder, Thom Williams, Freddy Boyd, Roman Santa Croce. TRAILER

Stalled Trek: The City On the Edge of Foreclosure (Director: Mark Largent, 18 mins, Fan Film) When Captain Krok and Mr. Spott hop through a stone donut to travel back to 1930 New York City, Krok finds he can’t have his fate and Edith, too! Stalled Trek: The City On the Edge of Foreclosure is an Animated Puppet Parody of what many consider to be the greatest Trek of all time. TRAILER

My Roommate the Jedi ( Director- Byrne Owens, 30 mins, Fan Film) The evil Empire from Star Wars invades Earth in search of an ancient weapon hidden by a Jedi Master. When an average guy discovers the weapon hidden in his LA apartment, it falls onto him and the Jedi’s apprentice to keep it out of the Empire’s hands. Starring Lu Louis, Chloe Carabasi, Byrne Owens, Tyler Seiple.  TRAILER

Sunday, September 11

Break Any Spell (Directed by Anton Jøsef, 13 mins, Fantasy) A teenage girl uses Live-Action-Role-Playing to cope and escape from her mother who suffers from early-onset Alzheimer’s. Starring Rachel Boyd, Catherine McGregor, Kelly Seo, Vanessa Mitchell, Tyrnan Driscoll. TRAILER

Narcoleap: Season 2 (Directed by Kate Green, 15 mins, SciFi) When college student Kelsey Atkins unexpectedly begins to leap into the bodies of other people during her bouts of narcolepsy, she becomes a target in the deadly world of military espionage. Starring Chelsey Reist, Madison Smith, Austin Eckert, Nicole Oliver, Cameron Bancroft, Aleks Paunovic TRAILER

The Way The Future Was (Raphael Kryszek, 24 mins, Science Fiction) When a system error on Matt’s Amazon Alexa saves him from a fatal train crash, his co-worker Charlie discovers that he’s caught between two realities, and its up to her to save him from death through a new form of digital time travel. Starring Kevin Pollak. TRAILER

Who Wants Dessert? (Directed by Venita Ozols-Graham, 7 mins, Rated R, Horror) Annie loses her entire family but can’t let them go…in a very creepy and unhealthy way. She creates a psychological house of cards that her court appointed therapist threatens to take down. But Annie isn’t about to let that happen and the therapist discovers the depths of how deadly this alternate reality is for anyone outside of it. Starring Sean Young, Brigitte Graham. TRAILER

Good Head (Director- Matt Servitto, 30 mins, Rated R, Comedy Horror) When Hollywood mega-star Cooper Bradley goes to a special effects lab in Atlanta to get his head molded–all hell breaks loose–and he has to not only get his head –but his very soul– back from the VFX master who cast it. TRAILER

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