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09.30.2014   Thank you!

Posted by: Ron B.
Thank you for Attending Rose City Comic Con! 2014 was full of growth and the convention center was packed. We loved every minute of the show, the guests, the costumes, and most of all... YOU, the fans! We're hard at work planning 2015. Stay tuned to Facebook, twitter, and this website for upcoming guest announcements. And, as always, feel free to reach out to us with your suggestions, we love to hear from you.

09.21.2014   Costume Contest Winners

Posted by: Andrea D
Costume Contest Winners
Youth Category
3rd place: Bronco from Gentlemen Broncos
2nd place: Mystique from X-Men
1st place: Grunt from Halo
Adult Category
3rd place: Red Riding Hood Werewolf Hunter
2nd place: Chewbacca
1st place: Retired Wonder Woman
Team Category
3rd place: The Monsters of Fright Town
2nd place: The Muppets
1st place: Skull Kid & The Happy Mask Salesman

Judges' Choice

Aunty Entity from Beyond Thunderdome
Aereon from Chronicles of Riddick
Corpse Bride

Photos of the winners can be found on our Facebook page.