2024 Programming Highlights

34th Annual all age, STARING CONTEST hosted by The Peculiarium

Where: Weird Stage
This is the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium’s 34th annual, winner-take-all, staring contest. Open to all ages. Here, live, brave ocular athletes face off with perfect strangers to see who has the best eyelid control! There can be only one! This action can be riveting, nail and biting and eye watering. Remember the simple rules: if you blink, you stink! Fun prizes, grab bags and a real trophy for the all-out champion, in this winner-take-all, friendly, grueling competition. No squinting! No stare-oids! Who will we see become the stare-master? Cheering and jeering approved! Open to all ages!

Off the Wall Drag performing live!

Where: Weird Stage
Off the Wall Drag is a local Portland drag troupe, and a bunch of nerds embracing gender at its most chaotic. They are putting on a nerd themed performance to themes of Baldur’s Gate 3, Lord of the Rings, Hazbin Hotel, Chucky, and more. They love performing and the idea of performing for a bunch of fellow nerds is their DREAM! Folx of all fandoms will appreciate the enthusiastic, fabulous, slay chaos that is combining their favorite hyperfixations with drag.

LARP (Live Action Role Play) Adventures Await!

Where: Room F150-151
PNWLARP is dedicated to creating, growing, supporting, and fostering Live Action Role Play for all in the Pacific Northwest region. Join them for an immersive role-playing adventure! They will be running 2 sessions throughout the weekend in Room F150-151:
  • Medieval Fantasy LARP: Cast yourself into a medieval world, join a group of fellow adventurers, face danger, complete quests, make treaties, and meet the most unlikely of characters! Who knows what your next quest will be? Ask the local innkeep. Maybe they know!
  • Pirates LARP: Ahoy! Welcome aboard. Are you ready to sail the seven seas? Or Perhaps you’re a merchant? What’s that map you have there? If you’re a treasure hunter, friend of the crown, entrepreneur, or just looking for opportunity in the new world, this is the place for you.

Introducing RCCC’s first Idol Fest!

Where: Weird Stage

The cutest and most kawaii idols from across the galaxy are coming to the Weird Stage! They will be singing and dancing their hearts out, spreading magical vibes for idol lovers at Rose City Comic Con during RCCC’s first Idol Fest! Enjoy a brew in the Beer Garden (or just a soda!) and take a seat as the idols take the stage! ✨

Starlight Idols will be hosting this year’s Idol Fest, and accepting submissions from PNW Idol Groups to see who will want to take the stage and entertain audiences. Idol performers will be added here once they are confirmed! Stay tuned for all the magic of idols happening on the Weird Stage at RCCC!

PortLUG brings LEGO fun

PortLUG returns to RCCC! PortLUG is a celebration of adult fans of LEGO and the creative process of making LEGO works of art. They will be at Rose City Comic Con bringing all the brick building magic and love of LEGO to fans all weekend long.

Booth: Head to their booth where art will be on display. Be amazed by these intricate LEGO creations! Plus meet and greet with LEGO celebrities like Kelly Bartlett, LEGO Master Season 4 contestant.
Lobby Display: New this year! Head to Pre-Function Lobby D for even more LEGO magic where another amazing PortLUG display will be showcased.