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AfterShock Comics & Real Life Spies

Join host RuthAnn Thomspon (Sn Retailer Relations Mgr at AfterShock Comics) and comic book master Ron Marz (Almost American, Shock, Green Lantern, Silver Surfer) as they discuss Ron’s work with AfterShock and working in close consultation with Janosh Neumann, a former operative of the FSB Investigative Directorate (successor to the KGB), on ALMOST AMERICAN, the real-life story of real-life spies defecting to the US and the adventure that followed.    

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Comic Book Cover Contest

Today, We’re judging a book by its cover. Draw your own comic book illustration that shows an original or established character in a dynamic pose and interesting environment. Contestants must also include eye catching text to advertise the character. (Open for contestants Grade School students to College seats are limited).

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Original Character Design Contest

Have you created the coolest character this side of the multi-universe? Come show them off during AWA’s Original Character Contest! Character should be your own creation and have a backstory. (Open for contestants Grade School students to College seats are limited).

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Fan Art Contest

Can you draw the most Spectacular Spider-man? Have you impressed people with your superb drawing of Superman? Impress our Judges with your best drawing of your favorite comic book or cartoon character during AWA’s Fan Art contest! (Open for contestants Grade School students to College seats are limited).

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Pokemon Go & Draw with Kurenai Kiba

Join Artist Kurenai Kiba as she shows you how she draws some of her favorite Pokemon characters. From the original 151 to the Sun & Moon for starters, you know you want to draw them all. Participants may even get to create their own original creatures! Bing your Pokedex and creativity!

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Help Us Write Our Fan Fiction

Local writers and comedians create the greatest work of fan fiction ever created. The panelists will solicit ideas and answers from audience members to create the most amazing, and surely, the most original piece of fan fiction ever yet created. Panelists: Mark Adams, J. Allen, Aaron Bell

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Contrivance Live: After Dark, Probably

Contrivance will deliver bizarre inventions, lots of goofs, and a little dash of sincerity to your ears every other week. Come to this panel to see a live show of Contrivance, about weird and wonderful inventions. Panelists: Britt Winchester, Andy Sage, Drew Gutowski, Tyler Clawson


Image Comics Presents: Storytelling & Worldbuilding in Bestselling Comics

Join some of the top talent in comics—Greg Rucka (THE OLD GUARD), David F. Walker (BITTER ROOT), Chelsea Cain (MAN-EATERS: THE CURSED), Lia Miternique (MAN-EATERS: THE CURSED), and Tony Fleecs (STRAY DOGS)—as they share their secrets behind keeping the creative juices flowing and bringing forth some of the best selling comic book series on the market. Moderated by Image Comics’ Talent Liaison, Marla Eizik.

PLUS don’t miss the signing right after the panel!

MAN-EATERS Spotlight Signing
Sunday, September 12
1:15 – 2:15 PM
Table R03

Swing by the MAN-EATERS table (R03) and say hello to bestselling MAN-EATERS co-creators Chelsea Cain and Lia Miternique with special MAN-EATERS guest teen contributors! Bring your MAN-EATERS comics with you to have signed or purchase from a selection of MAN-EATERS comics for sale at the table.

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Fine Print Crew – Your Doorway into Comics

Want to get into the comics industry, but not sure where you fit? You don’t have to write or draw to work in comics —there are roles behind the scenes that you may be perfect for. Join a handful of seasoned pros who work “behind the scenes” to make the comics we all love! Who knows, next year you may be on this panel! Panelists: Zack Davisson


Burn After Pitching

Burn After Pitching is a comedy pitching podcast where a panel of creators pitch their ideas for anything from movie reboots and new comics and all the way to new ice cream flavors. This time, the audience will throw out ideas that the panelists have to work into their pitches. Panelists: Michael Tanner, Tyler McFail, Madeline Des Jardins, Abed Gheith, Sandra Dimas


Cats! Comics! Cats!

Do I need to say more? Come join to talk about all things cats and comics, answering all the important questions like what are the best cats in comics, why dogs are lame, and why cats are so awesome. Panelists: Zack Davisson


Dark Horse Manga

Oregon’s own Dark Horse Comics is also the second-oldest publisher of manga in English (we’ve been doing it since 1988!). Please drop by our panel to hear manga editor Carl Horn and special guest Zack Davisson, translator of many Dark Horse manga titles, including the Eisner and Harvey-nominated H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness. We’ll be discussing Dark Horse’s history with manga, how the industry in Japan compares to the comics industry in the US, and all our current and upcoming Japanese titles, such as Mob Psycho 100, Danganronpa, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!, Elegant Spirits, and Cat + Gamer! Panelists: Carl Horn, Zack Davisson

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Comics Academy: Comic Book Making Amongst Students

Comics Academy is an after-school club offered at Quatama Elementary School in Hillsboro, OR! Students K-6th learn the basics of drawing and writing, explore diverse creators and characters, the history of the comics medium, and how to collaborate with peers to bring their stories to life! Copies of the student-created comic books and comic strips will be provided! Panelists: Noah Simonson and Robert Simonson

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Coffee & Comics: Writing Masterclass 101

In the time it takes them to drink their coffee, professional writers Amy Chu (DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Wonder Woman, Red Sonja) and Dan Parent take you behind the scenes of their latest comics. We will walk you through the process of scriptwriting, from idea generation to the final lettering stage. Feel free to bring your own cuppa joe and be ready to take notes! Panelists: Amy Chu, Dan Parent

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Why the Mueller Report Matters (a graphic novel)

The Mueller Report, it turns out, was both analytical and predictive. It revealed both the treacherous hijinks of the Trump administration and the treasonous future of the Republican Party. In his two-year investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, Mueller forecast a Republican Party that was evolving into a personality cult aligned behind the former Narcissist-in-Chief. A party willing to jettison both election integrity and voting access to stay in power. And a party willing to misrepresent and subvert science, facts, a pandemic and racial equity for the same purpose. Shannon Wheeler and Steve Duin, authors of “The Mueller Report Graphic Novel,” will provide insight into Robert Mueller, his report and the future of partisan politics in an informative hour-long panel. Panelists: Shannon Wheeler, Steve Duin, Mike Rosen

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In Conversation with Stephanie Phillips and Amy Reeder

Join Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn, Batman: Urban Legends) and Amy Reeder (Amethyst, DC Pride)as they talk about the DC comics they’re creating and the passion they have for characters like Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and more!


Amy Reeder

Stephanie Phillips

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Kid’s Cosplay Parade

The annual Kid’s Cosplay Parade is a fun costume contest. Kids line up and take the stage one at a time to showcase their costume. All contestants under 15 to receive a sticker. Prizing categories are: Best Family Ensemble, Most Creative Costume, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Hosted by Mikal Mosley!

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Star Wars Bingo

Calling all Jedi! Grab the family and get ready to travel to a galaxy far, far away to win some prizes with Star Wars Bingo! Multiple bingo games will be played so everyone has the opportunity to participate for a chance to win prizes.

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Mad Science – Adventures in Air

Bubbles and Beakers and Glasses oh my! This spectacular science show highlights the many uses of that misunderstood state of matter: Gas. The invisible becomes visible while you watch as our Mad Scientist manipulates air molecules and heats up one of the coldest substances available – dry ice. Prepare to be blown away!

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The Force Experience by Saber Guild

The Jedi are looking for younglings to train in the ways of the force! Come see the Jedi demonstration of force and saber handling, followed by a hands-on training class. Even the Sith may try to crash the party! Foam training lightsabers will be provided for use during instruction.

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Junior’s First Fanfic with Aaron McPherson

One of the many joys of being a fan is writing fanfiction. Here, we will begin to explore the wonders of storytelling, including making a story together. Come with plenty of characters and ideas, like Chewbacca learning how to cook haggis, or Moana taking on the Space Squad from Saturn. Let’s have some fun!

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MommaSammu’s Special Effects Make-up and Body Painting

Award-winning cosplayer, MommaSammu, will be demonstrating the art of special effects make-up and body painting.  Join her for a deep five experience transforming into an out-of-this world character.  This demonstration will feature her favorite techniques, tips and expert tricks to endeavor a full cosplay transformation (and making it last all day at the convention). Questions are welcome!

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KUPKAPHOTO Exhibition & Demo

Recognized in his field for photography mastery. Adam Kupka of KUPKAPHOTO will showcase his portfolio of work, demonstrate how to easily level up your photos and share expert tips of the trade. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from a master photographer!

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ProudofMoore Cosplay’s Foam Build Demo

Jack of all trades, Proudofmoore cosplay, will be working on the final pieces of her Doom foam armor build! Come and join her and she puts the finishing touches on this amazing costume! Proudmoore cosplay specializes in strange, recycled and inexpensive materials. Cosplaying on a budget? Come and find out how she creates her amazing costumes while on a budget.

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Lyrixx Cosplay’s Wig & Makeup Demo

Our resident wig and makeup stylist we are happy to have Lyrixx join us to show you some of the latest hair and makeup techniques! From the mundane to the extreme, Lyrixx does it all. Her use of hair and makeup skills can transform anyone into a completely different character. From braids to boufounts, she does it all!

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Creature Cast Rubber’s Product Demo

Mark Schneider is not only a freelance mask and creature artist but also the founder of Creature Cast Rubber, a liquid neoprene coating used internationally for prop and costume fabrication. Want to level up your EVA foam game? Come and see all the amazing things this coating can do. Mark will be demonstrating the use of his versatile product and will have some amazing examples of the art it can help create! This is a must see for all your builders out there! 

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Shawn Morse FX’s SFX Makeup Demo

Have you ever been interested in special effects makeup? Curious how to create a monster or transform into someone new? Well, industry expert Shawn Morse will be demonstrating how to apply special FX makeup to level up any costume or look. Come and watch the magic happen as he demonstrates his amazing skills. 

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Chad Eshelman Leatherworks’ Leather Demo

Our resident master leatherworker, Chad Eshelman of Eshelman Leatherworks will be joining us to show off his amazing leatherworking skills! Ever wondered how they make that amazing rogue gear? Curious about working with leather? Stop by and ask questions while watching the magic happen. Chad is a signature cosplayer that focuses on amazing all-leather cosplays! From his Agent Venom to Scorpion, his builds always amaze and impress. 

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Zack Wilkes’ Foam and LED Demo

Ready to level up your cosplay with lights? Come join Zack Wilkes as he demonstrates how to incorporate LEDs and into EVA foam armor and props. Zack is an accomplished foamsmith and prop maker. From full armor builds to gigantic fantasy swords, he does it all. Come watch a master at work as he creates some amazing cosplay pieces and shows you some of the most recent techniques. 

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The Honest Cosplayer’s Molding & Casting Demo

Intimidated (but intrigued) by the world of silicone and resin? Here’s your chance to explore the art and science of mold-making and resin casting with The Honest Cosplayer. This live demonstration will showcase some tricks of the trade to pour effective silicone molds and model different techniques for versatile resin casting. Bring your questions and get ready to experience the challenges of molding and casting!

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Bobbin Threadbare’s Sewing & Garment Build Demo

A classically trained tailor, Bobbin specializes in all things fabric. From hand beading to structured garments, he loves tackling all those challenging fabric opportunities. He will be showcasing hand beading, structured garmentry and fine finishes in this demonstration. Not sure what fabric to use for what costume? Bobbin will be answering all your fabric and sewing questions during his demo time.

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Podcast/Web Series Meetup

Make a friend and chat about your favorite fandom! Join your fellow fans and creative cosplayers for a Cosplay Meetup. Take a selfie with a matching fan, make new friends, and debate those longstanding debates with other obsessed attendees. Cosplay is encouraged, but not required. Come on out and meetup! Please note that our meetups are an accepting and inclusive space for everyone.

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Power Rangers Meetup

Make a friend and chat about your favorite fandom! Join your fellow fans and creative cosplayers for a Cosplay Meetup. Take a selfie with a matching fan, make new friends, and debate those longstanding debates with other obsessed attendees. Cosplay is encouraged, but not required. Come on out and meetup! Please note that our meetups are an accepting and inclusive space for everyone.

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