“Valdelluna” Coloring Cards by Goldeen Ogawa

Are you looking to color some adorable new friends or to mail some cute stationery to a friend in self-isolation? Then you will be happy to get your hands on these printable coloring cards featuring characters from Goldeen Ogawa’s fantasy series Valdelluna, the Valley of the Moon. You can read more about the series, and the characters themselves at goldeenogawa.com/Valdelluna. Thanks to Goldeen Ogawa of Heliopause Productions for creating these incredibly precious coloring cards!

Make sure to tag #RCJrAtHome to show off your creative and colorful card creations. Check out Goldeen and tag her to say “Thanks!” Twitter: @GoldeenOgawa | Instagram: @goldeenogawa | Patreon: Goldeen Ogawa

Instructions: Each PDF is intended to print on an 8.5”x11” sheet of paper. 1-5 are quartersheets, meant to be cut in half and then in half again, so you get four little pictures from just one piece of paper. Some of them have space intentionally left empty so they can be used as note cards, if you like! Number 6 is a half sheet card set, meant to be cut in half once (the short way) and then each piece folded in half, so you have a little greeting card. Number 7 is a double-sided single card: you fold it in half the short way, and then in half again, so you have a card with a picture on the front and another little picture and the greeting inside. They will fit inside most card or letter envelopes, if you wish to send them in the mail.

Suggestions for Colorists: These characters can be any color you (or they) want to be. Pick the colors you like working with, and have fun! If you don’t like it, just print another page and try again.

Download all 7 high res coloring cards