The Rose City Comic Con Cosplay Competition 2021 was a spectacular showcase of creativity and talent, where cosplayers from far and wide came together to celebrate their love for pop culture. This year’s competition, which took place September 11, 2021, was fierce, with participants donning awe-inspiring costumes and embodying beloved characters. We are thrilled to announce the remarkable winners who captivated the judges and stood out among the crowd. Let’s take a closer look at the extraordinary cosplayers who took home the well-deserved titles.

Best in Show: The Honest Cosplayer as Shredder

The Honest Cosplayer’s portrayal of Shredder was nothing short of exceptional, earning them the coveted Best in Show title. Their attention to detail, remarkable craftsmanship, and spot-on characterization impressed both the judges and the audience. Follow The Honest Cosplayer on Instagram at @TheHonestCosplayer to witness their stunning transformations and incredible cosplay journey.

2nd Place: May Jean Cosplay as Velkhana

May Jean Cosplay’s portrayal of Velkhana from the popular game Monster Hunter secured them the well-deserved 2nd Place. Their intricately designed costume and dedication to accuracy made them a standout in the competition. Follow @mayjeanw on social media to explore more of their breathtaking cosplay adventures.

3rd Place: Air Bubbles Cosplay as Tamatoa

Air Bubbles Cosplay’s portrayal of Tamatoa from Disney’s Moana earned them the 3rd Place title. Their attention to detail, vibrant costume, and embodiment of the character’s flamboyant personality wowed both the judges and fellow attendees. Follow @AirBubbles to discover more of their incredible cosplay transformations.

Youth Category: Fern as Fundy

Fern’s portrayal of Fundy in the Youth Category showcased immense talent and dedication at a young age. Their enthusiasm and creativity were truly inspiring. Keep an eye out for this budding cosplayer and their future endeavors.

Warrior Award: Cos U Con Play as Shredder

Cos U Con Play’s impressive portrayal of Shredder earned them the Warrior Award. Their formidable presence, intricate costume, and attention to detail truly embodied the essence of the character. Follow their cosplay adventures as they continue to bring iconic characters to life.

Tailor Award: HH Cosplay as Princess Bubblegum

HH Cosplay’s impeccable portrayal of Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time secured them the Tailor Award. Their meticulous craftsmanship, intricate details, and perfect execution showcased their exceptional tailoring skills. Follow @h.h.cosplay and @hopekitten19 to witness more of their impressive cosplay creations.

Tinker Award: Elizabeth as Princess Leia

Elizabeth’s stunning portrayal of Princess Leia won her the Tinker Award. Her attention to detail, intricate props, and dedication to accuracy impressed the judges. Explore more of Elizabeth’s incredible craftsmanship and passion for cosplay on her website at

Beyond Human Award: Linnaway Cosplay as Cheshire Cat

Linnaway Cosplay’s portrayal of the mischievous Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland earned them the Beyond Human Award. Their extraordinary makeup skills, attention to detail, and enchanting performance left a lasting impression. Follow @LinnawayCosplay for more captivating cosplay transformations.

Judge’s Choice: Minty Poison Cosplay as Sailor Mercury

Minty Poison Cosplay’s portrayal of Sailor Mercury earned them the Judge’s Choice award. Their dedication to accuracy, stunning costume, and embodiment of the beloved character were truly remarkable. Discover Minty Poison Cosplay’s fantastic cosplay journey at

Judge’s Choice: Lee as Bakugo

Lee’s portrayal of Bakugo from My Hero Academia secured them a Judge’s Choice award. Their dynamic presence, attention to detail, and ability to capture the essence of the character were truly outstanding.

Judge’s Choice: Jay as Astrid

Jay’s portrayal of Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon earned them a Judge’s Choice award. Their impressive costume, fierce attitude, and commitment to the character’s persona impressed the judges.

The winners of the Rose City Comic Con Cosplay Competition 2021 showcased extraordinary talent, creativity, and dedication to their craft. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to each winner and express our appreciation to all the participants who made the event truly exceptional. Stay tuned for more cosplay adventures and be inspired by these incredible individuals who continue to bring our favorite characters to life.