Kid’s Dance Party by Geek Girl Strong

Did you know that dance is a fun way for the whole family to exercise, feel great, and fight cabin fever from being at home more than usual? Here is a list of musical movement games for the entire family, thanks to Robyn Warren of Geek Girl Strong! Be sure to sign up for Spotify and have access to Geek Girl Strong’s Rose City Jr. playlist before getting started.

Share your sweet dance moves using #RCJrAtHome and make sure to follow Robyn on Twitter and Instagram to say “Thanks” through dance!

Animal Dance Party 

Start playing Geek Girl Strong’s Rose City Jr. playlist and get everyone dancing. Then shout out an animal and have everyone act out how they think that animal would dance. 

Freeze Dance 

Play a song from the Geek Girl Strong’s Rose City Jr. playlist and get everyone dancing. Surprise everyone else by randomly pausing the music and tell them to “FREEZE”! Encourage everyone to make silly poses for extra fun. 

The Transforming Freeze Dance Party 

Take “Animal Dance Party” and “Freeze Dance” then mix them together! This time, tell everyone how they should freeze right before you pause the music. For added fun, have everyone vote for the best pose and then that person gets to choose the next animal that everyone transforms into! 

Dance Your Feelings 

If your children are old enough to understand that music can make you feel emotions, take the above activities and switch out “Animal” for an emotion or feeling of choice! What does a happy dance look like? A sad dance? 

Lip Sync Battle 

Another one for older kiddos and the rest of the family. Have each person choose a song from the Geek Girl Strong’s Rose City Jr. playlist and have everyone prepare a performance! If you’d like you can add some competition to it by awarding a winner for whomever mouthed the lyrics the best and had the best dance moves! 

Share The Move 

Queue up some music and have your kids stand in a circle. Choose a person to go first (birthday boy, oldest girl, youngest sibling are all good determining factors) and let them show off one cool dance move. The next person must repeat their dance move, then add their own. This continues around the circle, the dance routine becoming more complicated the longer they last. If a person messes up, they’re out. The last person standing who can do all the dance moves is the winner.

Musical Balloon 

Give each person a balloon that they must keep in the air while the music plays by tapping it up into the air. The last person with their balloon in the air when the music stops wins! 

Musical Chairs (or Pillows, or anything you can sit on really…) 

Line up chairs alternating the direction that they are facing and ensure that there is one less chair than there are family members. Turn on the Geek Girl Strong’s Rose City Jr. playlist and have everyone walk around the chairs. When you stop the music, everyone must sit down. The person without a seat is out. Take one chair out from one of the ends and the game is repeated until the winner and runner-up go for the last chair! 

Lastly, Limbo is always a great go to. Put on the playlist and find out how low every can go! 

We hope you enjoy the included playlist and at least one of the games listed with your family!