“Supercats” Storytime with Caleb Thusat

“Supercats” Storytime with Caleb Thusat

Are you ready to meet Mewow and Ohno? It’s time for “Supercats” with Caleb Thusat! This “tail” of epic adventure follows 2 unlikely furr-riends through adventure, excitement, and acceptance. Everybody wants to be a supercat! Join Caleb as he reads his story to you, plus get a free copy of the e-book and a coloring book to go with it!

Make sure to check out Caleb’s website and his new Kickstarter for “Supercats Halloween!”

Also make sure to tag #RCJrAtHome to show us how you’re reading and tag Caleb to say “Thanks!” Facebook: Village Comics | Twitter: @calebthusat

Check out the downloadable PDF copy of the Supercats book below, to follow along with Caleb. PLUS, a bonus coloring book!

Download “Supercats” e-book

Download “Supercats” coloring book

Deadpool reads “You don’t want a unicorn”

Deadpool reads “You don’t want a unicorn”

Do we have any Deadpool fans out there? Bedtime just got better! Deadpool himself is getting in on the quarantine action and he’s bringing chimichangas! Cozy up with the kids and listen to Deadpool’s rendition of You Don’t Want a Unicorn by Ame Dyckman – and don’t worry, it’s clean! Thanks to Poolie’s Angels for this amazing video and for the epic use of a fuzzy Hello Kitty bathrobe.

Make sure to tag #RCJrAtHome with how you’re listening and be sure to tag Poolie’s Angels to show you’re a fan! Facebook: Poolie’s Angels

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5 free e-books by Russell Nohelty

5 free e-books by Russell Nohelty

Ready to read? It’s time to curl up with a good book by USA Today Bestselling author Russell Nohelty! Thanks to Russell, you can read not 3, not 4, but 5 free e-books for a variety of ages! See below for your book haul. Be sure to tag #RCJrAtHome to show us how you and your family are reading these books.

Also, be sure to follow Russell Nohelty on the following social networks and tag him – he will be excited to see your pics!
Facebook: /RussellNohelty | Twitter: @russellnohelty | Instagram: @russellnohelty

Children’s Books

Download “I Can’t Stop Tooting! A Love Story” by Russell Nohelty

Download “The Little Bird and the Little Worm” by Russell Nohelty

Middle Grade Books

Download “Gumshoes: The Case of Madison’s Father” by Russell Nohelty

YA Books

Download “My Father Didn’t Kill Himself” by Russell Nohelty

Download “Sorry for Existing” by Russell Nohelty

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