09.30.2014   Thank you!

Posted by: Ron B.
Thank you for Attending Rose City Comic Con! 2014 was full of growth and the convention center was packed. We loved every minute of the show, the guests, the costumes, and most of all... YOU, the fans! We're hard at work planning 2015. Stay tuned to Facebook, twitter, and this website for upcoming guest announcements. And, as always, feel free to reach out to us with your suggestions, we love to hear from you.

09.21.2014   Costume Contest Winners

Posted by: Andrea D Costume Contest Winners
Youth Category
3rd place: Bronco from Gentlemen Broncos
2nd place: Mystique from X-Men
1st place: Grunt from Halo
Adult Category
3rd place: Red Riding Hood Werewolf Hunter
2nd place: Chewbacca
1st place: Retired Wonder Woman
Team Category
3rd place: The Monsters of Fright Town
2nd place: The Muppets
1st place: Skull Kid & The Happy Mask Salesman

Judges' Choice

Aunty Entity from Beyond Thunderdome
Aereon from Chronicles of Riddick
Corpse Bride

Photos of the winners can be found on our Facebook page.

09.20.2014   New Photo Ops for Sunday

Posted by: Andrea D
Due to popular demand, we have added two new joint Photo Ops for Sunday!

At 2:45pm Sean Astin and Joe Pantoliano will be doing a joint photo op for $80. This photo op is limited to 100 people, but it's your chance to get Mikey and Francis Fratelli from The Goonies in one photo!

At 12:10pm Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn will have a joint photo op for $40. 

Photo ops can be purchased at any time during the convention, before the photo op session.

09.20.2014   Stumptown Comics Arts Awards Winners

Posted by: Andrea D
Best Artist: James Callahan (The Auteur, for Oni Press)
Best Writer: Jai Nitz (Dream Thief, for Dark Horse)
Best Letterer: Ed Brisson and Douglas Sherwood (The Sixth Gun volume 6, for Oni Press)
Best Colorist: Bill Crabtree (The Sixth Gun volume 6, for Oni Press)
Best Cartoonist: Zander Cannon (Heck, for Top Shelf)
Best Publication Design: The Fifth Beatle (Couch, for Dark Horse)
Best Anthology: Dark Horse Presents (Dark Horse)
Best New Comic: The Auteur (Rick Spears, James Callahan, and Luigi Anderson for Oni Press)
Best Publication for Younger Readers: Lumberjanes (Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson, and Brooke Allen for Boom! Studios)
Best Webcomic or Digital Comic: High Crimes (Ibrahim Moustafa and Christopher Sebela, Monkeybrain Comics)
Best Small Press: Cartozia Tales

09.20.2014   RCCC App is available

Posted by: Andrea D
The Rose City Comic Con app is available on the Google Play and Apple App stores. With a scheduler, favorites, and all the up-to-date information about the con, it can help you plan your weekend!

09.19.2014   Guest cancellation: Michael Winslow

Posted by: Andrea D
Unfortunately celebrity guest Michael Winslow has had to cancel his appearance at Rose City Comic Con this weekend.

09.18.2014   RCCC tickets still available in stores!

Posted by: Andrea D
With RCCC only a few days away, our local comic book stores still have a few tickets left for sale!

Cosmic Monkey is sold out of Weekend, Saturday, and Sunday passes. I Like Comics is sold out of Saturday and Child passes. Things From Another World Milwaukie, Portland, Beaverton have sold out of Saturday passes. Odyssey Comics and Coffee and Rainy Day Games still have all types available.

For ticket availability, addresses, and contact information on these stores, see the bottom of our tickets page.

And don't forget, tickets will be on sale at the convention as well! The ticket booth opens at 8:00am on Saturday and 9:00am on Sunday.

09.17.2014   Epic Ink at RCCC

Posted by: Andrea D Epic Ink at RCCC
Epic Ink, a new A&E show based on Springfield, Oregon tattoo shop Area 51 Tattoo, will be an exhibitor at Rose City Comic Con. Chris 51, the owner of the shop and star of the show, will be tattooing people all weekend at booth 209. Chris 51 and the other artists from the show specialize in comics, cartoon, fantasy and pop culture tattoos.